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16-Aug-2017 21:39

updating gem version-66

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It’s built in Rails 3.0 and has several external gem dependencies. (The codebase in question lacks test coverage, too, but that’s a different subject.) It’s good practice to be more forthright about your applications’ external dependencies, whether it’s to communicate them to other developers or to yourself in the future.

Luckily for me, the previous developer had checked in the application’s So how do you keep your dependencies in line?

Rails is revised frequently and you’ll likely need more than one version.

Don’t simply replace an old version of Rails with another.

Alternatively you could run It’s worth the time to read the Bundler documentation on Gemfile setup, as you can get a little fancier than what I’ve shown if you’d like.

Different versions of Bundler have different known bugs and slightly different behavior.

These repositories are stored and managed separately from the built packages in your account.

You can list repositories of an account with: Stay tuned for more updates…

You can share your Gemfury account with other Gemfury users.

Your collaborators will be able to upload, download, and remove packages in your account without access to your Repo-URL or secret credentials. Collaboration commands are all grouped under the Gemfury supports storing and building packages from source with our Git repository and builder.I’m sorry if this post is a little basic for some folks, but honestly, I’ve seen even some pretty experienced Rails developers fall into this trap.