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But Cojocaru’s rendering of the great double-act of classical ballet is too subtle here for its own good.She is a radiant but slightly pinched Odette, restrained in her Act II encounter with Siegfried to the brink of indifference, while in Act III her Odile seems more a good-time girl on the town than an evil seductress on a search-and-destroy mission.This, plus the low dry mountain backdrop, gives a less attractive setting than one might expect for the region.Large employers include the Union Pacific Railroad, potato processors J. Simplot and Heinz Frozen Foods, and Convergys (call centers).She is one of the greatest, most dynamic, delicate and musical ballerinas of this or any age; he, a presence of unimpeachable, muscular masculinity.

The climate is variable, invigorating, and by some standards harsh.

Idaho State University provides some college-town flavor, 13,000 students and 3300 jobs.

But the town is mostly nondescript with an unattractive strip of trucking and agriculture-related industries spreading for miles northwest of town.

Deane’s ballet is more than just a regrettable device for cross-subsidising unmarketable mixed bills; it is a fine work in its own right.

Boldly conceived and ingeniously executed, it scales up dances to fill the space, reconfiguring the geometry of the Petipa/Ivanov ensembles so that the spectacle can be enjoyed from almost any vantage point.Dutch National Ballet’s Matthew Golding is a strong solo technician, but his partnering is graceless and laboured, and his risibly inexpressive playing gives Tamara Rojo little to work with.