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15-Aug-2017 14:49

The people who run the video game dating site Date a Gamer don't just have a bad, misleading product, they also think that those of you who like video games are desperate, don't know how to function in society and most certainly like girls. So they've put together some dating tips "for all you cheeky gamers out there": Hey, it's the weekend, didn't you need some awful dating tips?

Here's the final gem: "So remember guys, we like gifts, to be wined and dined, and just to have someone to listen to us.

You don't need to be at their beck and call or give them all your time.

Set some boundaries and do things on your"I know there's that fear that you're going to be Forever Alone. It's easy to give in to despair and assume the worst, but nobody, nobody knows what life is going to bring.

And if you use any of the asinine innuendo used in these videos, assume your date will be over shortly afterward.

At the very least, it’s now socially acceptable to openly admit that you like watching anime and reading manga.

Great importance on human life and im not the sort of person or that they can be cured.

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” While I’ll be giving an answer on air I felt that knowing my nature of rambling I won’t be able to get out everything I feel about it during such a short segment so I should write it out here for you all.Love may be a many splendored thing, but that doesn't mean we don't screw it up from time to time.This year, we decided to hire a guy who might help with that.And if you get all of these things right, she's bound to allow you a connection through her firewall." For more useless advice, see also: What to do on a first date with a Single Gamer... How to impress a Girl into Bed after the first date.

Dare we here at suggest that you don't get too hung up about being a "gamer" and simply be yourself while you date the guy or girl you're interested in?People who cannot appreciate the beauty of Studio Ghibli movies are certainly missing out.

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