Deadline for validating european patent

12-Nov-2017 16:42

In fact, many inventions that are patented in the US are not patented in Europe and thus are freely available and open for use by all in Europe.

Taken as a whole, the economy of the European Union is the largest in the world (larger than the US), and about 25% of world GDP. Strictly speaking, there is not yet a ‘European patent’.

Applicants seeking patent protection in Europe can apply for a regional European Patent.

European Patents are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), and can extend protection in more than 35 European countries.

A European patent gives the proprietor rights equivalent to the rights conferred by a national patent in each country where the European patent is validated.

It is furthermore recommended that the format for the subsequent translation of the patent and claims of a German or French european patent meets the recommendations outlined in the Patent Guidelines, “In the interest of the Danish publication, validation should preferably not be undertaken exclusively via fax.

Malta became member state of the European Patent Organisation in 2007.

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If you prefer to use your current agent for the actual EP validation, you can still partner with Morningside to obtain substantial cost savings on the translations required for validating in your designated countries.Partner with Morningside from the very beginning, utilizing our service to file your European patent application directly with the EPO or via the PCT regional route.