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Hopefully I'll be able to make you laugh but I'm not really good at keeping snap streaks so pls help my snap score fam 🙏🏽 Thank you and goodnight First off I do not smoke and will not be with a smoker! I love to laugh and make others feel good about themselves. I'd like to think that I'm fun, adventurous, spontaneous, loyal, honest, and caring.

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His design has always been for us to experience life with others through what we call the spiritual discipline of community.

We believe so deeply in the power of community that we infuse this discipline into all of what we do. Life Groups are gatherings of 3 – 10 people who get together on a regular basis in order to grow in their love for God and others.

Daytona Beach, FL – A Daytona woman is accused of using a dating app to lure and carjack two men, ultimately resulting in the attempted homicide of a 17-year-old involved. Cook, 18, messaged a 27-year-old Palm Coast man, Perry Nida, through the dating app “Meet Me” on March 23 and agreed to meet at a house behind the Long John Silvers on Ridgewood Ave. Nida invited his 17-year-old friend along to provide marijuana to sell to Cook.

When the 17-year-old was weighing out the marijuana for Cook in the back seat, a man in a ski mask opened the back driver’s side door and pointed a gun with a laser at them telling Nida to get out of the car.

I want to leave Florida and travel the country, living in different places, and then eventually doing the same thing around the world ♥ Going on adventures if one of my favourite things to do! I'm Keiana and I enjoy painting, drawing , writing poetry , spoken word... Talk poetry to me 😛 Anyway, I try to be funny at all possible times but this endevaour usually ends with me having dark humor and being sarcastic--but I'm a cool person, usually, I think.

Currently I'm a LMT and work at a massage clinic - I absolutely love it, although it won't be my forever job, just another passion that I've accomplished :) I really love Star Wars, Disney, Lot R, Doctor Who, old black and white classics, and so much more. My latest art collection is the creation of memes that will slowly take over the internet 😈 I'm a really big fan of bad movies (the room...

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I'm just looking for a girl to have fun with and see where things go from there. Smart ass, silly and a bit sarcastic at times, but all in good fun. I like a lot of things that are fun, I'll just say that haha.

Walk up the steps by the BBQ area and you’ll get to the magnificent Currumbin Hill lookout, which gives you panoramic views of the entire coastal strip of Palm Beach.

There’s also a huge wildlife sanctuary, where you and your date can test each other’s knowledge of the local flora and fauna or just enjoy the experience of being close to nature. This part of Queensland is famous for sunsets that light up the entire sky, making it the perfect location for Gold Coast singles to fall in love.

I tend to be shy at first, especially when meeting in person for the first time, but after getting to know each other and get more comfortable, I can turn a bit more bubbly and talkative - especially if it's a topic I'm passionate about. Not interested in couples, no girls looking to cheat on their man. Birdemic...*groans*) and I love video games though social anxiety prevents me from playing online 👏🏽💯🔥 Im secretly into anime so please reminisce over naruto with me 😭 Also it is important to note that even though I have evolved to wearing normal people clothes, I never grew out of my emo phase and my guilty pleasure will always be MCR and FOB 😭 Currently, I'm a business student at the university of Miami 🙌🏽 On the pre law track (isn't that funny).

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If this interests you, hmu :) I'm a mother of a 5 year old daughter. And I'll tell you if you wanna know, but you have to ask. I work as a graphic designer for an office on campus and am on a dance team (yes dance with me I love dancing) and the band (i play the piccolo and there should be an emoji for that instrument).

If you and your match are feeling adventurous, you can go fishing or swimming in Currumbin Lake, or if you’re up for a free dating idea, try a walk south along the beach to Currumbin rock.

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